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    2017 MK Large Logo Chocolate Leather Wallets IW631984

2017 MK Large Logo Chocolate Leather Wallets IW631984

Michael Kors Large Logo Chocolate Leather Wallets IW631984,

  • - Chocolate.
  • - Ostrich-embossed leather.
  • - Shiny golden color rhodium hardware.
  • - MK logo at the center.
  • - Continental zip top.
  • - Inside, silver metallic leather lining.
  • - 7"Hx1/2"Wx3 1...

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Baratte, Publication des mosaïques romaines et paléochrétiennes du musée du Louvre, The united kingdom, Motifs delaware chicago Réunion s musées nationaux, 2000, s.87 92, T 43, fig. 83 85.

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