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    2017 MK Medium Jet Set Striped Travel Tote PR842715

2017 MK Medium Jet Set Striped Travel Tote PR842715

Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Striped Travel Tote PR842715,

  • - Rose/White striped saffiano leather.
  • - Buckled leather tote straps.
  • - Logo charm hangs on front.
  • - Inside, one zip and one open pocket.
  • - 11 1/2"H x 17"W x 5"D.
  • - Imported.

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Batail d'Eyu, From the Domique Vivant Denon. L'oeil s Natoléon, Offers p chicago réunion s musées nationaux, 1999, R. 321 339.

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